Album Design Process | Details

While your final album may seem elegantly simple, the design process does have a few steps and take some time. Here’s what you can expect, step-by-step:

  • Decide whether the Express or Regular design schedule is right for you

  • Select the appropriately sized Album Selection Worksheet and fill it out with your favorite images

  • Complementary images are added and the first draft of your album layout is created

  • Review the album layout via online proofing, leaving comments on items that need changes

  • Approve the final layout after all changes have been made

  • Select album type, cover color and number of additional copies

  • Files are retouched and enhanced before they’re sent to lab for production

  • Album is handmade in the USA

  • Album ships directly to your home

Express vs Regular Design Schedule | Details

To best fit your needs and priorities (and because I have more time for album design in the winter), I have two design schedule options:


  • Faster turnaround | In order to get your book to you as soon as possible, we get started right away and work with shorter deadlines - selections and revisions are due quickly.

  • Special bonus discount | 40% off additional COPIES


  • A more relaxed approach | Design takes place during winter (January - March). With more time, deadlines are longer and you get a discount if you want a larger album.

  • Special bonus discount | 30% off additional PAGES

Both Express and Regular have their advantages. Do you want your album as soon as possible? Can you stick to the Express deadlines or would you rather take your time? Would you rather have a discount on more copies (great gifts!) or would you prefer to save on additional spreads for a larger book? It’s up to you. Whichever you choose, in order to receive the special bonus discount, you’ll need to follow these deadline guidelines:

Express Deadlines

  • Album Selection Worksheet due 10 days after complete photo set received

  • First draft of your design sent to you within 10 days of receipt of your Album Selection Worksheet

  • Revision comments due within 3 days

  • Album ships within 6 weeks of draft finalized*

Regular Deadlines

  • Album Selection Worksheet due January 15

  • First draft of your design sent to you during winter (January - March)

  • Revision comments due within 1 week

  • Album ships within 8 weeks of draft finalized*

If you miss a deadline that’s okay- I’ll send you a reminder. If you’re on the Express track you can either pick up where you left off or we’ll bump you over to the Regular schedule. If you’re already on the Regular schedule your album will be on “pause” until you’re ready to resume.

*Lab rush available- album ships within 3 weeks of draft finalized ($200 lab fee)

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