Your Custom Album

Your wedding album is a one-of-a-kind family heirloom. 

Whether it's 10, 25 or 50 years from now, this is the book you'll sit down with when you want to relive every moment and see the family and friends that celebrated with you.

When designing your album I want to present you with the most complete, beautiful and artistic vision of your wedding day.  Every album design is unique. Albums feature classic styling that puts the focus on your very best images.

Your album can include anywhere from 30 to 80 pages.  The larger your album, the more photos are included. 

In addition to your personal album, copies of your album make fantastic gifts for family and friends.

The Books

Heirloom Series Albums
Handmade luxury- simply the best.

Classic Series Albums
Beautiful fabrics and first class workmanship- a great value.

Album Design Process

Creating your perfect wedding album takes a little time and effort. First you’ll go through and select your favorite images, then I’ll take those selections, add complementary images to balance the story, and create a beginning-to-end custom design layout. If sorting through 600-1000+ images sounds a little daunting, don’t worry- I’ve created Album Selection Worksheets that will help you get organized and choose the right photos that fully capture your day.

We can either start working on your design right away or we can wait a bit. To best fit your needs and priorities (and because I have more time for album design in the colder, indoor months of the year), I’ve created two design schedule options- Express and Regular. Both have advantages and both have a special bonus discount that’s exclusively available with that design schedule.


  • Faster turnaround | In order to get your book to you as soon as possible, we get started right away and work with shorter deadlines - selections and revisions are due quickly.

  • Special bonus discount | 40% off additional COPIES


  • A more relaxed approach | Design takes place during winter (January - March). With more time, deadlines are longer and you get a discount if you want a larger album.

  • Special bonus discount | 30% off additional PAGES

For a more detailed, step-by-step guide to both the album design process and the Express vs Regular design schedule please click here.

Getting Started

Here’s what to do next:

  1. Choose either the Express or Regular design schedule (details)

  2. Download and fill out your Album Selection Worksheet (see below)

  3. Email me your completed worksheet and design schedule preference

That’s it! After I receive this I’ll confirm your choices with you and you’ll be a big step closer to having one of your first family heirlooms in your hands.

Album Selection Worksheets

By breaking down your wedding day into key sections, these worksheets will help you choose the right photos to represent each part of your day. Choosing which images you want to include will also guide you toward how large your album should be. Albums can include anywhere from 30 to 80 pages- the more images you select, the larger your album.

Download Album Selection Worksheets
(available in Excel and PDF format)

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